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City of Boynton Beach
Agenda Item Request Form
Commission Meeting Date:  4/6/2021
Requested Action by Commission:  Proposed Ordinance No. 21-12 - First Reading - Approve ordinance amending Chapter 15, “Offenses-Miscellaneous” of the Code of Ordinances, by creating a new article XIV, entitled “Polystyrene Foam Waste Reduction Ordinance.”  
Explanation of Request: 

Following discussion at the November 17, 2020 and January 19, 2021 City Commission meetings, the Commission directed staff to bring back a Polystyrene Foam Waste Reduction Ordinance for consideration. 

How will this affect city programs or services? 

This ordinance, if passed, will entail the following changes to City programs and services:


  • Modification to City contracts, leases, special event permits, and concession agreements to prohibit the use and distribution of polystyrene foam food ware and unencapsulated polystyrene foam products (e.g., coolers, ice chests, pool or beach toys) by City contractors and temporary vendors in City facilities and on City property; and the use of balloons and confetti in outdoor areas of City property.

  • Development of a voluntary pledge for facility rental agreements to discourage the use of polystyrene foam food ware and unencapsulated polystyrene foam products from all City property and facilities; and the use of balloons and confetti from outdoor City facilities. Individuals who take the pledge will receive discounted facility rental rates.

  • A public education and outreach campaign for at least 12 months to inform affected persons/entities and to assist with identifying alternatives to polystyrene foam food ware and other banned items.

  • Enforcement of the prohibition after a 12-month educational period.
Fiscal Impact:  Non-budgeted  Requiring City contractors and temporary vendors to use alternative products is not expected to have a direct impact on the City’s budget. Any additional costs to residents who rent City facilities can be offset through discounted facility rental fees. Staff will work with stakeholders to identify economical alternatives to polystyrene foam products. 
Alternatives:  Not consider the proposed ordinance.
Strategic Plan: Transportation and Mobility
Strategic Plan Application:  Branding Boynton Beach as a sustainable city

Climate Action Application: 

2020 Climate Action Plan:

Strategy G-3.1: Green Office Practices

Strategy C-3.1: Waste Reduction & Recycling

Strategy C-3.2: Sustainable Lifestyle & Consumption


Co-Benefits: Ecosystem Protection, Public Health, Economic Development

Is this a grant?  No
Grant Amount: 
OrdinancePolystyrene Ordinance - 1st Reading
OtherPolystyrene Ordinance Presentation
AttachmentPass on Plastics Draft Flyer